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    We are experts in what we do.
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    Offering innovative and flexible approach to every project

20 years of business: more than 100 projects implemented in HVAC

We have a team of Highly Trained and Experienced Installation and Service Technicians.

About Us
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    Gujarat State Petronet Ltd

    Vidit Health Care Pvt Ltd

    Kunal Remedies Pvt Ltd

    Purogenix Redefining Antibiotics

    Paras Spices Pvt Ltd

    Akums Healthcare Ltd

    Bharat Dynamics Ltd

    Maruti clean Coal Thermal Power Plant

    Nellore Felcity Mall

    HT Media Ltd

    Soaltee Hotel

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The Company was Established in 1995 by experienced Engineers in the field of Air Conditioning Refrigeration Systems offering Comprehensive services in designing engineering ,supply, testing ,installation, validation & Commissioning of HVAC Systems For the past 18 years our experienced team is ,back by team highly qualified engineers ,skilled persons and technicians. The company execute the projects with guarantee of quality ,reliability and enduring Commitment through continuous after sales services.

Project Execution

We have a team of Highly Trained and Experienced Installation and Services Technicians . Using Computerized Design, Estimating and Scheduling Technology, we are able to effectively manage our skilled labour , ensure superior quality control and meet the most rigorous time schedules. Company has Executed a large No. of Prestigious projects in following Industries :-

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Thermal Power Plant / Hydro Power Plant/ Nuclear Power Plant
  • Cement Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Commercial Buildings / Malls

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